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Travel Gear for 2012 – Part I

Posted on 01 January 2012 by brett

Packing for one year of travel

The time has finally come to ring in the New Year en route to Southeast Asia. After more than three years of planning, our dream has come true!

I won’t lie, the decision process around what to pack was at times stressful. How much clothing do we need? How often will be find laundry services? Should we wash our own clothing in the sink with small tubes of detergent? Do we sacrifice clothing for a Kindle or iPad? What size backpacks do we buy?

The list of questions and considerations is endless. In the end, we went against Rolf Potts in his famous book called Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term Travel. The experts say to pack as little as possible for extended travel. They say you will shed stuff almost immediately in favor of comfort and that you can buy almost anything on the road. After countless REI Store visits, paranoia set in and we disagreed!

So, we offer you this short list (extended list here) to view some of our travel gear items for 2012 backpacking throughout Southeast Asia.

Part II will follow in the coming months as we reassess the gear situation, shed, replenish and replace items.


  • Gregory 65L
  • Gregory 60L
  • Gregory Seam Sealed Backpack Cover
  • Gregory Diablo day pack
  • Sea to Summit day pack cover
  • Osprey Courier bag


  • Macbook
  • Blackberry GSM (2)
  • Kindle (2)
  • iPad
  • Canon Rebel T2i w/accessories
  • Canon point and shoot camera
  • iPod (2)
  • Bose headphones (2)


  • Ciprofloxin (Bacteria infections & Stomach issues)
  • Doxycycline Hyclate 3 month supply (Malaria prevention)
  • Ibuprofen & Tylenol (pain & fever)
  • Zithromax (Bacteria infections)
  • Acetazolamide (Diamox)
  • Diflucan (anti-fungal antibiotic)
  • Probiotics from GI for life (good digestion & diarrhea prevention)
  • Adventure Ultralight Watertight .9 FirstAid Kit

Clothing & Accessories:

  • Dry quick clothing from North Face and REI
  • Ex-Officio Men & Women’s Underwear (6 each)
  • Keen cross country/light hiking shoes (2)
  • Keen hiking boots (2)
  • Smart Wood Phd merino wood socks (5 each)
  • Casio men’s watch
  • Timex iron man women’s watch
  • Large REI Multi-Towel Lite (2)
  • Eagle Creek Pack it Cubes (2 small, 2 large, 2 shirt folders)
  • Eagle Creek Toiletry Bag (1)
  • Hats & Bandana & Headband (2)

Bed Stuff:

  • Therma-a-Rest compressible pillows (2)
  • Cocoon Coolmax Travel Sheet (2)
  • CamelBak 25 oz Bottle (2)
  • First Need XL Water Purifier with extra filter
  • Platypus soft bottle (2)
  • Pacsafe Travel Wallet (1)
  • Pacsafe Coversafe Neck Pouch (2)
  • Sea to Summit mini clothesline
  • Padlocks (2)
  • Emergency Whistles (2)
  • Mini Flashlights (3)

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Jeni Says:

    Love the wad of dollar bills :)


  2. Jackie Finkelstein Says:

    all that in 2 packs is impressive :)… my kind of travel!

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