Cheap Thai Cuisine at its best in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on 05 January 2012 by christie

Pad Thai for $1

After traveling across the globe from San Francisco to Newark to Hong Kong, and finally Bangkok, we have finally settled into our new life in Asia. It’s been a long first three days in Bangkok since we arrived here on 1/3/11. We are staying at a cute family style guest house called Shanti Lodge, nestled away from the tourist area in downtown Bangkok.  The exchange rate is currently 31 baht for 1 USD.

Our days in Bangkok have been filled with amazing Thai cuisine for around $1 per meal, long walks around the city passing through the ancient Wat temples and bustling markets as you turn every corner of the city, bumpy boat rides along the river and canals, and last but not least relaxing Thai massages for under $8. Thailand is definitely a culture of

food, spicier than one would be accustomed to on a daily basis. Everywhere you go there are food stalls lining the streets with the aroma of herbs and spices filling the air. One would think that in such a hot and humid climate, cold foods would be a craze. But it’s quite the opposite here, soup is a staple on the menu at all times of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack. And you can’t eat something without asking for at least some spiciness to it even if you know you may regret it later. One thing you learn to get over quickly is to just not worry about what ingredients might go into that special dish. You just have to go for it sometimes, and most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised.  To promote good digestion, colon health, and avoid traveler’s diarrhea…… we are taking Probiotics daily from GI for Life.  Their website is

Below are a few highlights of the Thai cusine we’ve sampled so far between the street vendors, hawker stalls, and restaurants in Bangkok. We visited a local lunch spot off of Silom on Convent Road called “Hai Som Tam”, and sampled the Laab Ped (ground duck, mint leaves, shallots, roasted rice powder and Thai herbs), Gai Yang Lak ( grilled chicken), Somtum Thai (papaya salad with peanuts). The dishes along with 3 waters cost 246 baht ($8). The place is definitely packed with local workers from business district during lunch hours so if you see a seat open up grab it. Food was delicious, cheap, and extra spicy (hence the 3 water jugs).
We met with our friend Ben who is a San Francisco native but has been living in Thailand for the past year. He took us to his favorite food stall near his home in Sukimvit area. We all had his favorite dish Kai Tom Gai (chicken with egg noodle soup brown broth), absolutely delicious soup for 80 baht ($2.50)! One of my guilty pleasures (yet not so guilty) since I’ve been here are the fresh vegetable and fruit juices and shakes. So amazing to have fresh watermelon, pineapple, mango and carrot squeezed into your favorite smoothie, juice or shake! I’ve been having at least one a day! And the street Pad Thai we had down the street from our lodge for only 30 baht ($1) absolutely phenomenal!

We loved Gordon Ramsay’s visit to Thailand as he learned from the locals and battled fellow celebrity chef “McDang”.

See our Photo Album – Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. Jeni Says:

    * Don’t read this post till you had lunch :) Now I want Thai food!!


  2. wendy Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Looks amazing, Have a great time!

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