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Posted on 05 January 2012 by brett

Shanti Lodge Bangkok

Situated next to Thailand’s National Library on Samsen Road in the Thewet District lies the Shanti Lodge, our first place of stay in Bangkok, Thailand. We chose this lodge mainly due to its location away from the central tourist areas. A step out of the lodge and you’ll find yourself among a very local Thai community.

The Shanti Lodge is very close to the Chao Phraya river and walking distance to the Thewet (N15) river ferry stop and busy Khoasan Road. The best thing about Shanti Lodge is

their restaurant/lounge area which is a quite pleasant place to eat and soak in the long day out in Bangkok. Most visitors are backpackers or travelling families. We encountered Dutch, French, English, American and Australian guests. It’s amazing to see so many small children and even babies vacationing with their parents in such modest conditions. It gives us hope for the future that it is possible to still follow our passion of travel with a family.

We decided to book the Double Room Ensuite for seven nights, cost 850 baht or about $27 per night including air conditioning. The booking process is super simple. We submitted an online request here and confirmed via telephone as our arrival date drew closer. No payment is made online and they only accept cash at check out. Although they tell you that Wifi is available throughout the lodge including your room, we were only able to access Wifi in the restaurant/lounge area.

We were given a padlock to secure the room and decided to switch it for our own, which was much more secure. I’ve never encountered theft in Bangkok, but better safe than sorry with everything stored in one place. The downside to using your own padlock is the inconvenience of setting up the maid service. The room was clean and included two pillows, a blanket, toilet paper and soap. We luckily had the travel pillows and sleeping cocoons for extra comfort. It was nice to have our own bathroom, although it combined toilet, shower and sink all in one tight quarter. No big deal, just have to think about the order in which you operate. :)

Outside the Shanti Lodge resides a vibrant local community. We were in awe of the Bangkok street hustle and curious smells. The people seem to balance their own sustainability with the realities of tourism. This area in particular gave us the unfortunate feeling that we were paying little to our standards and the locals wished they could charge more. For example, most Thai meals were $1 per person plus drinks. Big bottled water jugs cost $.30. The Shanti Lodge bar and lounge was quite nice. Note that food and drink prices are about three times that of the street vendors.

While taking some video, I followed a young mother with her daughter to grade school one day. Here you can catch a small glimpse of their daily lives and of those walking the streets.

After our hospital visit, we decided to checkout after two nights and head south to Koh Lanta island. We plan to return in a few weeks for the next batch of immunizations and life on the streets of Bangkok.

See our Photo Album – Bangkok, Thailand

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