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Brett & Christie (Koh Lanta, Thailand)

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Since reuniting in early 2007 and marrying in Oct. 2008, Brett & Christie have had the common goal of taking a year off from daily life to explore the world’s hidden treasures.

Why leave a great life in the United States?

Brett has done extensive international business travel over the past several years working for the social network hi5.com. While he has been exposed to different cultures and has had the opportunity to meet amazing digital media folks from all over the world, as a business traveler he’s only been able to scratch the surface. Bangkok, Thailand in particular was a tremendous eye opener for Brett. The kind people, exotic cuisine and aura of unchartered territory made Brett yearn to engage at a much more intimate level. He has extensive experience with emerging markets and plans to explore business growth opportunities with industry friends all over the world.

Christie has always had a passion for international travel and exploring other cultures. She lived in Spain for over 3 years and traveled extensively around Europe, as well as parts of Africa and Asia.  Her first exposure to Asia was traveling a month around the Philippines in 2001. While seeing much of Europe, Asia was an amazing undiscovered land she wanted to see more of one day. While studying Global Affairs at NYU, Christie travel back to Asia in 2007 on a trip with one of her university professors to do research with a NGO based in Chiang Mai EWOB & AEIOU that helps Burmese refugees who have fled from Burma to refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border. The trip further solidified her desire explore Asia more extensively. That same year she also volunteered for an organization, Global Health Ministries. On the mission trip she traveled to Chulucanas, Peru to assist with a health clinic that provided medical care to the people living around the Andes mountains near Chulucanas. Travel, Culture and helping people around the globe has always been at the forefront of her life.

How to let go?

Achieving their goal wasn’t easy and they went through several steps to create the freedom to take a year off to travel. They bought a 1880’s Victorian home in San Francisco in June 2009, fixed it up and enjoyed every second living there. After much blood, sweat and tears for the home, they sold it in July 2011 along with all of our precious belongings. By August 2011, they had no home, furniture, and not much else to their names. Just a simple dream and the chance for deeper meaning and enlightenment in far away places.

Brett & Christie are doing this for their family, friends and most importantly their higher being. Their inspiration is your enjoyment.

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With Love,
Brett & Christie

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