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Pearl Jam & Prague, Czech Republic

Posted on 02 July 2012 by brett

St. Vitus Cathedral - Gothic Gargoyles & Musicians

St. Vitus Cathedral – Gothic Gargoyles & Musicians

During our time in the Middle East, we agreed to venture northwest to Prague and catch part of Pearl Jam’s Europe 2012 Tour. We hadn’t seen the band since Portland 2010! We are Ten Club (10c) members, but missed the initial on-sale. A nice PJ fanatic named Matt from Poznan, Poland offered us one ticket. We waited several weeks more for our other ticket to appear via Peleg from Tel Aviv, Israel.  Now, we just had to plan our travels across Eastern Czech Republic through Mikulov and Olomouc into Prague. 

A nice expat (living in CZ) named Jeremy organized a PJ group beer walking tour of Prague Old City. The gathering took place a few days prior to the show at Kotleta Bar & Restaurant. Many fans were just arriving from two shows in Amsterdam.  The excitement was building as tour stories surrounded us. We learned that they played an old Temple of the Dog favorite called “Crown of Thorns”. Eddie was still drinking his bottles of red on stage and spraying the audience. A longtime Pearl Jam fan was allowed to create an entire Amsterdam show setlist. The bands’ families were on tour and the children very close by the stage. Matt Cameron’s son (12 years old) had recently played drums during “The Fixer”. Continue Reading

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Cat Tales: June 2012

Posted on 30 June 2012 by brett

Reflecting on Life on the Road....Golan Heights, Israel

Reflecting on Life on the Road….Golan Heights, Israel

Jordan and Israel provided more religion than we’ve experienced our entire lives. Well, you get the drift. So, Turkey was postponed once again in an effort to rejuvenate the religious theme in August. Geographically, it worked better to visit Istanbul after spending time with Neda & Jeff in Bulgaria. The downside of this plan is that Turkey is super hot in August!

June turned into our most ambitious month in terms of the number of places visited. We toured most of Israel, the Baltic Region,Vienna, Austria and finally the countryside in Eastern Czech Republic. In the end, June yielded 14 cities in 30 days. Phew!! Continue Reading

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Olomouc, Historical Capital of Moravia

Posted on 28 June 2012 by brett

Olomouc Views

Sweeping Views of Olomouc from atop St. Moritz Church Tower

Olomouc (Olomouts) is quite a lovely small college town (100,000 people) in Northern Moravia, Eastern Czech Republic. We visited from Mikulov Wine Country on our way to see Pearl Jam in Prague Continue Reading

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Mikulov… An Eccentric Czech Wine Country Experience

Posted on 27 June 2012 by christie

Mikulov Town Square

Does this place really exist?…Mikulov Town Square

When in Central/Eastern Europe…….. every town, city and country is extremely close and only a train ride away. Consequently, we struggled with where to go after Vienna. Should we hop on a one hour train east to Bratislava, Slovakia or perhaps travel west to Salzburg, Austria where “The Sound of Music” was set? In the wee hours of the morning, we decided on a quiet countryside setting in the Moravian wine country of the Czech Republic (CZ). While the Moravian Region is off the tourist radar, it’s known nationally as the best wine producing region in CZ. As it’s only a 1.5 hour train ride north of Vienna, it was a no brainer for our first stop in CZ….. before having to get to Prague by June 30th for Pearl Jam. Continue Reading

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